Sumptuous amounts of tea are in abundance, and they’ll need to be for a few more hours. A lot of work still has to be completed, and I give myself strict deadlines. Reading an utterly pointless piece of text today (Ruggie-International Economic Regimes) is not advised for any students who may think it is mandatory to do so. It’s shit.

This allows me to prolong my already insominac state of mind, as I’ve been bristling around my flat in the early hours of the morning for the past 3 nights. For some reason, I hope today is no different as I am taking an estranged liking to my lack of sleep these days.

Short post, only because, well I have more things to get on with at 1:15am. God I love reading absolute shit resulting in me not learning anything and wasting the majority of my day. Hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning. Doubt it due to the lack of sleep.


Also, I really want to change the format and layout of this blog. NOTE TO SELF: Do this soon.