#Occupy: The true motivations

#Occupy has circulated through the depths of the world from New York to Athens to Frankfurt and London. This dynamic cohort has certainly grabbed our imaginations to foment the revolutionary fervour deep within. “Death to Capitalism, Freedom to the people” are what some protesters bellow out in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo, as hundreds walk the streets of their respective financial cities worldwide, including Geneva, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich and Melbourne. The motivations and intentions sweeping over #Occupy is ambiguous to say the least as you’ll commonly find veteran leftists, anarchists, student protesters and a cohort of celebrities escalating the scale and upward momentum which had initially begun just over a month ago.

The true meaning of #Occupy was a distorted message by our
ever-present mainstream media (took them a while to notice this though didn’t
it?) over a series’ of questions regarding issues not associated with the true essence;
for example, in America where various media channels typically assumed the
mantra of beefing up rhetoric in regard to Obama’s ratings approval. Presently,
these are futile and impotent questions. Politics of the executive and legal
order have disenchanted the masses from active participation and igniting a
real change in real issues such as economic inequality, social housing,
austerity cuts for much-needed public services and many more. Mainstream
politics has winded up the anchor and left the people bereft of opportunity and
hope. Which leads me onto the diversity of reasons for #Occupy; if you ask 30
people why they’re here-whether that be in Syntagma Square or Madrid- you will
get 30 different answers. It is this collision of reasons and attributes of
different social groups that make the outcome of #Occupy all the more

The pervasion of protests throughout the international sphere and blogosphere have led to a concept of “Thinking Globally”; unlike those in 1931 when Globalisation 1.0 had collapsed and many nationalist protests arose, but only dwelled within national borders. The marginalized class of 2011 will not disappoint whatever its virtues and demands as an out-of-sorts, disjointed group have now formed cohesive strategies in order to uphold its cause for the near-future.

The determination is however more lucid to your commentator; this is much bigger than a single cause or campaign. This international movement’s primary aim is to limit the power of financial capital and corporate greed which has grown from neoliberal principles from the mid-1970s. They strive to build a more equal society, while rejecting the hierarchical methods of the parties that once claimed to do so.  The rise of welfare inequality and deregulation in financial markets since the Thatcher-Reagan regimes has played its cataclysmic role in prohibiting those masses segregated in class warfare. This movement is a replacement social democracy; run by the people, of the people, for the people.

Occupy Everywhere, then, is the kind of movement you get when people start to believe mainstream politicians have lost their principles, or are trapped by vested interest lobby groups who have seamlessly governed our state’s ideological egos for decades gone by. The elimination of middle government and its replacement with interest-group lobbying has brought chaos to health, education and planning reform. When David Cameron said that lobbyists were “the next big scandal waiting to happen,” he was right. Ironically of course, this speech was before his government came to power.

Those on the streets facilitating #Occupy have never been more disenchanted with mainstream politics and governing effective change. As the euro crisis grips the abiding nations and splurges onto neighbouring countries, the people can do more than opine their maligned state; they’ve produced platform to voice their needs and impact upon the stranglehold of government by lobby groups and maligned interests, to provoke the awakening of slumber of the marginalized communities in society. To break social norms and overcome those force at work who have restricting their freedom for far too long is an override determination which is now being converted to reality and people’s mindsets. It is only by listening to the people and watching the movement in its essence will the true motivations be comprehended.


p.s. If I obtain a lowly mark in my Political Philosophy essay due to lack of engagement with the reading, then this is the reason. So
when I rant about my inability to achieve a First/Second Class in my essay in a couple of weeks time, please refer me back to this article. But if I sacrificed this article for an
essay, I wouldn’t be a very good wannabe-journalist now would I?

Put an end to the futile Middle East peace process, Our western leaders should stand up and be counted

On the 23rd of September 2011, Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, announced that he had just made a formal application to the Security Council for Palestine to be admitted to the UN as a full member. “With our souls, with our blood, we will defend Palestine,” cry those who hae been shown a shining beacon of hope by Western rhetoric, not least from President Obama and his fake love for the Arab world, proven by his impudent  tone in Istanbul and Cairo- so soon after taking on the Presidential role. Old habits die-hard; especially for US presidents.
While hope, pragmatic processes and co-ordination have been extolled by both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his insane government, the Palestinian Diaspora have suffered unjustly- not only through the expansion of Israeli settlements across clear Palestinian territory and built a segregated system in the West Bank and Jerusalem that in essence foreclosed the two-state option, but Western leaders who are so eager to advocate Wilsonian principles of self-determination and justice in their own little worlds, have neglected the Palestinian people’s basic constitution of rights and statehood.
Obama is seen as a puppet in the negotiation process, along with Congress- one instance being a Republican congress member saying that, “Netanyahu has more credibility in the Congress than Obama.” Spitting no credible reason for the much-anticipated veto at the UN Security council apart from the fact that the issue should be settled with Israel at the negotiating table rather than at the credible authority for international law, reeks with utter hypocrisy and disillusionment.
But throughout the past two decades, ceaseless negotiations took place between Israel and the PA: Madrid (1991), Oslo (1993), Wye River (1997), Camp David (2000), Taba (2001), Quartet’s road map (2002), Annapolis (2007), bilateral negotiations (2008), Obama’s promises for settlements freeze in Cairo (2009) and declaration of statehood within one year at the UN (2010). The Oslo agreement has set out to restore equal rights and an independent state to the Palestinian people. Negotiations have proven to be ineffectual and frustrating, while everyday Palestinian people are confronted with the hard reality of brutal military occupation on the ground and Israeli intransigence at the negotiating table. The time for false mediation is over.
This courageous call for statehood will not only be a significant point in history for the Middle East, but potentially tear apart Western alliances. France and Germany seemingly possess a difference of views; the latter siding with Israel for historical reasons and the France sickened by the treatment of Palestinians. But Britian ofcourse, unlikely to be swayed by past duties as the Mandate Power for 25 years and leaving a country vulnerable to colonisation with no self-governable institutions, is unlikely to follow suit, no matter how much Cameron enthused about the UN showing a united front. Eastern and Western hemisphere itself is split; with most African nations showing overwhelming support for the Palestinian cause.
Veto or abstain, and the Middle East will be lost forever. How can you be an ardent supporter of the Arab Spring and let the Palestinian’s nightmare continue for much longer? For someone with such high ideals, Obama has categorically shown he cares more about the upcoming elections than the future of the Middle East. Siding with the Palestinian cause would ignite a huge uproar within the omnipotent Israeli lobby and thus a myriad of voters; it simply cannot be done for the un der-fire President. With the polls indicating a second presidential term is not on the cards, Obama needs every vote he can get.
This leaves our European leaders to fight for the ideals which have endlessly been flung around- none more so than our leaders-since President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was ousted on the 14th of January 2011. The Negotiation table has proven it can’t solve this issue, radical action is needed and Cameron is right to advocate a united front in the face of adversity; can they afford to abstain from this historic opportunity to revolutionize the Middle East forever?