Making trade-offs

As we kick-off 2019 and most people have begun work again, the topic inevitably turns to new years resolutions.

While resolutions can be welcoming and helpful, it’s far more productive to focus on goals. New years resolutions are typically more like dreams, than they are goals.

We want to lose weight, we want to spend less money on going out, we want to spend more time with our families. Committing to these things means we say no to other things, as well as sacrificing what we’re already doing with our time.

You have to be ready to make a trade-off.

I know a few people who write a letter to themselves with the goal of knowing what trade-offs they need to make and the changes associated with this.

Whatever you do decide to do, make sure you’ve factored in the trade-off you will make. And no, saying “this will not add any additional time to my current life” is not good enough (unless you’ve automated the entire thing and then is it really a goal? Probably not. Apart from making sure the automation is working as it should).

Make those trade-offs and smash those goals this year!

Ringing in the New Year

No matter how your year has gone, the final day of the year is a time to put the past behind you and move forward the next year.

This might be through eliminating a bad habit, leaving behind a negative friends circle or starting that hobby or business you’ve always been putting off.

Whatever you decide to do, know that this year can be the year you decide to build the world you want to live in. If we’re not getting closer to our individual higher purpose, then it’s time to make some changes.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re spending (or not spending) the final day of the year with – I hope you can enter the new year with liberty and a spring in your step.

Happy New Year!

Thinking about 2019

There’s a lot of posts going around at this time of year to reflect on the year gone and think about the year ahead.

While 2019 is right around the corner, I’d encourage you to think about 2024 – by thinking who you want to be and what you want to do by then, you’ll make more intentional decisions so next year becomes laying the groundwork for the long-term.

It’s easy to be overly ambitious in one year – however, by thinking further ahead we create the space to set more realistic goals with a higher likelihood that we’ll reach them.

The human and the chimp

The recent posts have been short snippets of what’s to come (feel like I’m building up too much promise here..) but here’s another review I plan to do soon but decided to share a quick takeaway lesson.

I just finished reading The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters – the main idea is that we have two brains – the human and the chimp. It is our job to manage the chimp in order to be productive and well-intentioned beings. Too often the chimp gets its own way and we end up over-indulging, eating too much, not exercising enough and essentially giving in.

This is not necessarily to do with willpower but how we’ve been managing our inner chimp up until now.

It comes back to a key theme I decided on early in my life, that balance in all aspects of our life is essential to ensure we’re making progress on the right things while giving us space to breath and recover.

Figure out where you have the most tension with your inner chimp and actively work with your chimp to make progress.