Start-up Weekend Manchester

Start-up Weekend Manchester: 9th-11th November

“The biggest and steepest learning curve I will ever have in a set time-frame of a measly 54 hours”. My best description of Start-up Weekend.

Embarking now on my third Start-up Weekend I’d like to think I’m a bit of a veteran; the not-so-fresh-faced individual barking in the background “Back when I first did Start-up Weekend, we were struggling with Hosting servers and dealing with how we’re going to get any food!”. I was ambivalent to hear that an excessive amount of pizza will be provided at the event- I think it worth speaking to the Start-up Weekend organisers about breaking tradition and pursuing the “Healthy” agenda for once.

Start-up Weekend are 54-hour events where developers, designers, marketers and biz dev guys come together to share ideas, form teams and build products, with the aim to build companies by the end of it.

So why bother going through this insane 54 hours?  

1. Education- I can guarantee that this will be one of the most quickest and most efficient learning experiences you will have. Start-up Weekends are about testing your hypothesis, not sitting in a classroom learning theory but actually formulating strategies and moving fast. Proper Lean.

2. Network- Meeting like-minded people has always been a sincere passion of mine, and by building + working on some truly awesome and eccentric concepts (Feetshot anyone?!), you will build long-lasting relationships and walk away with some potential investor contacts- you may even meet a potential Co-Founder.

3. Moving fast- I hate waiting for stuff to happen. I really do.  My passion for start-up weekend comes from the “Hacker Way” of moving fast and making mistakes. In reference to my first point, the ability to learn from others around you and in other teams can be invaluable.

4. Learn a new skill– It’s very important to have the nerve to step out of your comfort zone. This weekend can be dedicated to let your creative juices flow; you may as well take the opportunity to learn something you’ve been putting off e.g. a new business model into practice, a new programming language, a new website to look at design in a different way- just try something different; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

5. Free stuff– As a student, I can’t really hammer this point home enough. Discounts on ticket prices, free food, free web-related stuff, access to exclusive resources from sponsors, seven meals and more- an unforgettable weekend in store that’s for sure!

#SWManc is part of the Global Start-up Battle ( with a chance to win a trip to Rio, San Fran, $25,000 of free stuff and so much more up for grabs.

I’ll attempt to blog throughout the weekend, if my team lets me that is!



Chasing skills for Life

As the buzz around A-level and GCSE results have now subsided (relief for us “more mature” undergraduate students), it can be hard to think of learning as a source of pleasure and enrichment, rather than just a treadmill focused on achieving qualifications or improving career prospects.
Learning doesn’t begin in pre-school and finish once you leave the formal educational arena. Learning is for life. A life that should be based on the premise of quality, not just on duration.


Learning new skills is a fantastic way to be able to explore your options, achieve personal goals, explore new interests and improve your overall sense of well-being. If you are passionate about learning about wide varieties of cooking styles and engaging with different cuisines for example, you can start by enrolling in college and night classes. While this may be something you embark on for personal enjoyment, you may be able develop your interest further, by exhibiting your work, gaining a qualification, or even setting up a business.


If we focus on passion and learn what we believe drives us to wake up everyday, instead of a focus on monetary reward or what will pay the bills, we’ll most probably be happier because we’re doing something we love, and more motivated to set our goals and discover a plan that enables us to do what we love, all the time.


So don’t wait around till the end of your degree, or education or to when you get that short annual leave to start working on building up your skill-set. Basically, type whatever it is that you want to do/learn in Google, and run with it. No time like the present!


In other news, the Manchester Entrepreneurs had an article published on the Independent! A new milestone for us, and the academic year hasn’t even begun- not officially anyway.

Time and organization (Part two)

Roughly a year since I first started blogging on this site, and the title seems to repeat itself. 

But this time, I look at it from a different angle

My last post was about the stress and complexities of normal life and how time itself should be restructured (I was obviously in my rebellious-Marxist days), but this time I would like to focus on the one thing which we all strive for: To get shit organized. 

Filling up our time and doing activities is sometimes the equivalent of running around like a headless chicken without laying any eggs. We all have goals and ambitions, and sometimes they don’t come to fruition even though we feel we are working hard to accomplish them. This is because, we are the headless chicken. 

Having a plan, a list of priorities, a to-do list, its very hard to keep on top of it all. Personally, I can’t tell you the answer to stay on top of it all. No one can. Only you can do it for yourself. Only you can execute on your plan for the day, or month or year. Only you will have the motivation, will-power, discipline and motivation unique to yourself, to justify why it is that you want to say yes to a certain event or activity, and no to countless others. 

The VeggBox Blog

So it has come to the last day of start-up camp in Canberra, and Veggbox has been created and is currently running on a live platform, albeit a basic prototype one. 

It’s been a great experience and we’re nearing the end of our journey, which has definitely been a steep learning curve. We’ve made it work even when the chips were down, and come out with a workable product with good market coverage over the past 24 hours. We want our product to grow further and we’ll be pushing out content on the site itself, as well as updates on how our pitch is progressing. 

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Hong Kong and the beginnings of my trip in Australia- Sydney

Hong Kong and the beginnings of my trip in Australia- Sydney+new blog 


Before I start, most aussie-related travel shenanigans will be now documented at Please follow if you love me. or remotely like me and want to find out how I’m getting on.

Having bypassed the fearsome anticipation of arriving in Australia, and entered the euphoric stage of travelling abroad, Hong Kong was the first to enter my mind before the centre part of my trip. Having arrived at the appropriate time of noon, I settled in to my budget accommodation in Kowloon, a vigorously chaotic area, mainly made up of Asians and African-Caribbean people. Before my arrival, I sought out my friends and told them about the beginning leg of my journey in HK, and they dutifully cleared their schedules (not that they abide strictly by one) for my 3-day stay, as we took to see the sights.

Hong Kong is a fantastic place; a mix between a booming financial zone that has replicated (or has been replicated by) Canary Wharf or Shanghai, and the depths of China Town and its array of peculiar cuisine and consumer pandemonium; a great place to buy cheap electric goods as well as clothes (actually, almost anything within bounds). The cuisines on offer, at least around a third off the price off any UK restaurant, was welcomed and flavoursome. Dim sum at 3 a.m. had to have been one of my most fulsome but delicious meals of the trip, as was my first adventure into the depths of seafood. A fight between a fish in a tank and a fisherman was probably the most entertaining part of that island. I have a video I’ll upload soon of this so don’t worry yourselves of the details, all in good time.

Island-hopping was also something I’m not used to and highly recommended as this gives a broader outlook on a city whilst maintaining its pristine/contemporary look. Hong Kong benefits being by the sea-front also, with a highly advantageous seaport both for its economy and for the likes of myself who enjoy the spontaneous island-hop.

I left Hong Kong with a smidgen of reluctance and an over-tiresome state, as I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would’ve gladly stayed for the odd couple of days extra.


After an uncomfortable 9 hour flight to Sydney, I reached at the inappropriate time of 9pm, so I headed for my hostel, spoke to my temporary roommates for the night and went to bed. My usual attitude to waking up early in the morning prevailed, and I slept until noon which led me to miss my 10:30am walking tour. But hey, who needs their hands held to know how to walk to the sights of a city when you have a handheld? (I didn’t really use my handheld device, I just felt like adding this in the same sentence as “hands held”).

Sydney is a great city with lots to do and the great part (for me anyway) is the fact you can walk anywhere without having to take public transport. Although, there’s plenty of other things that will be present to knock your budget from food to the sights to paying for wi-fi- transport is actually the only thing I’ve heard that is quite cost-effective! The Harbour Bridge, The Opera House and The Rocks all entertained me on my first full day here, and I look forward to see what the rest of Sydney has to offer!

One word to describe the trip up till now: Contrast.

P.S. Currently there has been lack of animals sighted, I doubt for much longer. I’ve just seen a mouse in Hyde Park as I write this, that’s a start.

Where’s the spark



Have you been in that position whereby you feel you have the resources and the support around you to not only unlock potential, but change the world in the process? Resources and support I have been vying for, for a long period of time, have descended on my doorstep but yet for once, I’m drawing a blank at the wrong moment?

Now this might just be down to a certain expectation placed upon an idea, but it could also be credited to a stagnant and numb mind, brutally blemished by Rawls’ Theory of Justice (It’s a very very very long political philosophy book) I say brutally, it’s not that bad.

An alternative theory may be due to a very high workload or the need for such a phenomena. This keeps the mind constantly occupied, with no room for daydreaming involved, thus inhibiting vital creative processes. Or so they slip you into believing.

The final paragraph seems more likely at the present moment, with exams biting at the nail (or the nails are being bitten at, whichever way you want to look at it, it’s a highly stressful period for those working towards end of term exams (except those on the study abroad in Hong Kong and Singapore, you know who you are).

I’m probably over-dramatisizing my own discord, it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it sound.

P.S. I’m going to start posting articles I find generally interesting to go at the end of my blogposts, most of them will be highly irrelevant to what I write out.

The Dark side of Dubai– This is a fairly long read, but is most intriguing as it details the unpublicized side of the coin when it comes to the belligerent Arab emirate on the Penninsula. From it’s dictatorial laws to its ecological destruction, this has been something I’ve been looking for. I haven’t bought into this propaganda about the opportunities across Dubai and by the somber tone expressed, this provides further evidence to the claim.


Sojo Games- Play for Good – Why can’t I think of something like this?! This company created a freshingly cool game which is called “WeTopia”;  a new social game that enables players to directly fund initiatives that improve the lives of children. Within the game, players create and manage their own villages, making a real-world donation for any virtual purchase — for example, when trees or vitamins are bought in the game, a partner charity will donate the same item to a community they work with.  Atleast 20% of its revenue or 50% of its profits go to non-profits.

That’s all for now, peace!


P.P.S: Oh, I just created another blog which may be worth looking into in the near-future 😉