Escalating conflicts

I read today that Huawei believe there’s a geopolitical coordinated campaign against them and a focus on American protectionism – this is leading to escalating costs to comply with recently introduced laws.

This has been a growing tension and its clear how conflicts can escalate very quickly.

Its a no-win situation for either party – as it mostly is when it comes to escalating conflicts.


My unwinding routine at work has been ping pong. We bought a table when we moved into our new office and I don’t expect to get bored of it anytime soon.

Having an unwinding routine at the end of the workday can sometimes motivate me to timebox my activities, but also to look forward to something fun with the team at the end of the day – like a productive reward mechanism (and you get a workout out of it!).

App I’m Enjoying: Google Podcast

Recently, I’ve made the fatal switch over to Android, and I’ve loved starting from scratch on podcasts I wish to listen to. I’ve chosen three to start with (one was a recommendation from a friend – the Seeking Wisdom podcast by Drift on Growth Marketing and the other is the Exponent podcast by Ben Thompson.

The last is the Tim Ferriss podcast, but I haven’t listened to this as much. I’m a big fan of audiobooks too, but Google Podcast is clean and easy to work with, and allows me to speed up the podcast to whatever I want depending on what I’m listening to (a lot like other apps in this respect).

Most importantly, the interface is easy to work with and (so far) hasn’t overwhelmed me like the iTunes app did (although this was probably my own fault for trying to subscribe to every podcast I possibly could).

If you have any favourites, let me know and I’ll post them out to readers if I get enough (or any) replies so everyone can benefit.

Scheduling important activities

I was asked yesterday how to balance the important with the normal everyday BAU (business as usual) activities which are always important.

I find the only way to keep those activities moving forward is by scheduling them in the calendar and sticking to getting them done.

Actually executing on these activities is the tedious part, but the essential part if you’re serious about moving forward on important tasks.