The best time to start

It’s not often I get to reference a Chinese proverb as I go about my daily life but yesterday I came across an opportune moment to bring this one out:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Don’t let the guilt from not doing the work you know you should have been doing in the past hinder you from doing that work now.


Bold bets

Today I read that Airbnb are building their own homes – this will give them more revenue opportunity by owning the full stack – by renting their own homes, this will unlock access to greater potential revenue.

Some will say they should stick to what they’re good at – but in order to grow, they’re making a bold bet – and I respect that. You need to make bold bets in order to grow faster.

Doing the uncomfortable

I went to a charity boxing event this evening – a friend of mine took the bold decision to compete.

I respect anyone for going through a very public event like that, where putting yourself out there can be an incredibly daunting thing, especially because you can’t prepare for the atmosphere itself.

This makes me think about what I can do to be more uncomfortable, as this is the place where the most growth happens.

Failure is fun

I attended an inspiring talk today where the core message is that “failure is fun”.

While this might not be true for everyone, for this particular entrepreneur, he lived by the motto of try, try and try till you succeed.

After learning more about a certain market or group of customers, most startups are bound to change direction in some aspects.

You need to run experiments and (inevitably) embrace failure. Because reaching failure means we’re one step closer to succeeding. The journey is the fun part.

Adjusting your approach

Today, I met up with a friend who had some ambitious goals for his business. He told me that in order to reach his lofty aspirations by the end of next year, he had to change his way of thinking.

I totally resonate with having to think differently to reach new heights. This follows on from what I wrote last week on “what got you here, won’t get you there” type of thinking.

I feel everyone needs someone to spot-check their thinking process and help them elevate their game.


It’s been a while since I was forced to take a sick day (by my own admission). 

This was the first time where I didn’t feel ‘forced’ per say, but looking ahead to the rest of the week, I knew I felt as bad as I had done on a Friday a couple of weeks back. I was ill for the rest of that weekend. I couldn’t afford to take time off on another day this week and I took today as a “rest day” to get back to full strength. 

Sometimes it’s important to prioritise ‘resetting’ to help you accelerate for the rest of the week. 

The rest of the week is probably the busiest I’ll be till the end of the year, so I’m hoping to carve out time to continue the blogging streak – wish me luck!