Extreme views for attention

There have been a number of reports of football commentators who are making some ridiculous claims this past weekend (IMHO).

Here’s a premier league manager launching into a pro-brexit rant after his side drew 0-0 – his exact comments were: “I think we’ll be far better out of the bloody thing. In every aspect. To hell with the rest of the world.”

Pretty odd, considering the whole club he manages is run by a multicultural group of entities (see tweet below).

There was also two others who made outlandish claims praising a Newcastle United’s owner called Mike Ashley for keeping the club in profit and afloat, whereas practically all the fans know that he’s put no money of his own into the club and has increased the club’s debt ratio.

I have no idea why these football parties are making these outlandish claims and it made me think why anyone (like the US president) makes claims such as these.

One reason I’ve leaned towards, is that it puts them in the spotlight – it leads to media organisations writing articles about them (and their unfortunate views) and it seems more and more people are embracing this approach, which is a concern. It’s a negative cycle of outlandishness, lacking any sort of intelligence or logic.

I would suggest not reporting on these at all to extinguish the fuel the media can unwittingly provide in the worst of scenarios, but I’m sure it’s never as easy as that.

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things. fahimsachedina.com

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