Consumption Rules

There was an interesting long read on the Guardian yesterday that’s been circulating amongst my friendship circles around Protein Mania – it explains how the people who are getting the most protein, are the ones who least need it, and vice versa.

As with most things, it is down to clever marketing and positioning which are slapping the “Protein” tag on all sorts of foods from chocolate to water to all types of cereal. Weetabix are making an extra $7M per year from sales of its “Protein Bites”.

Most of us who can afford to buy “Protein Pancakes” or “Whey Protein” are the ones who already get enough protein, while those who are hard-pressed and budget-conscious are the ones doing away with sufficient protein on a daily basis, affecting their energy and hormone levels.

I’m sure all of us have probably felt it – our protein anxiety has become so acute at a time when the persistence of malnutrition in the developing world shows that without sufficient protein, these children lack the vital nutrients to grow.

This article has made me realise the importance of balance in our diets, as well as the amount of red meat I eat on a daily basis may deteriorate my internal organs, so I should have balance within my meals, not obsess over protein and keep my meals as clean as possible.

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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