Making trade-offs

As we kick-off 2019 and most people have begun work again, the topic inevitably turns to new years resolutions.

While resolutions can be welcoming and helpful, it’s far more productive to focus on goals. New years resolutions are typically more like dreams, than they are goals.

We want to lose weight, we want to spend less money on going out, we want to spend more time with our families. Committing to these things means we say no to other things, as well as sacrificing what we’re already doing with our time.

You have to be ready to make a trade-off.

I know a few people who write a letter to themselves with the goal of knowing what trade-offs they need to make and the changes associated with this.

Whatever you do decide to do, make sure you’ve factored in the trade-off you will make. And no, saying “this will not add any additional time to my current life” is not good enough (unless you’ve automated the entire thing and then is it really a goal? Probably not. Apart from making sure the automation is working as it should).

Make those trade-offs and smash those goals this year!

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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