How would I grow a non-tech business?

I was asked how I would grow a specialist skill school (e.g. think a school for public speaking / dance school / football training camp etc) and what I would do to drive momentum to the business.

I answered by saying the first thing I’d do is get really really clear on who the buyer is. If you have a strong buyer persona/s – you should know where they hang out, what their responsibilities are, what they’d care about when looking for a company like yours and a whole lot more. If you know whether they’re privvy to Instagram advertising vs Facebook groups vs offline events, you’ll know where to go to find more customers.

The next step would be to experiment with lots of different channels by going running short, cheap experiments (where possible) in a systematic way till you find something that works. It’s important to track your experiments and analyse whether the activities have grown your business, or has there been another contributing factor which has disrupted the results of your experiment.

Ultimately, there’s no silver bullet – it’s about finding the best strategy for your business and your unique circumstances. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from those who’ve gone before you and tried the same thing, it just means take whatever advice (including mine) with a pinch of salt.

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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