Working your way in

I had dinner with a couple of friends today where one brought up an interesting challenge – if you’re unhappy in your current role right now, how do you go about transitioning into something you’re passionate about without losing out on the sunk costs that come with your current role. 

This is a challenge that affects everyone at some point (unless you’ve known from a very early age exactly what you wanted to do and didn’t deviate from this – which is rare). Even then, you’ll still question if what you cared about in your youth was what you still wanted to do in the future. 

A mental model I think about with big decisions such as these, are to minimise risk while still moving towards your goal. How can you minimise as much risk while moving forward at a comfortable pace? Could this mean getting a similar job to what you have, at a company who fits the mould of what industry / area you want to go into? 

If you work in finance as an analyst, could you do a similar role for a non-profit? Or a similar role at a think-tank? What are you willing to compromise on that gets you closer to your passions/goal? 

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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