Mental Model #2: Strategies vs Tactics

Every now and again, I pick up my series on my favourite mental models. 
After reading this post on 5 useful mental models for content marketers, I decided to choose my favourite and explain it here. 

Strategies vs Tactics:

A strategy is a guiding principle that helps you achieve an outcome over the long term. 
A tactic is a small action that helps you get closer to the desired outcome. 

The way to level up your career and yourself is by thinking strategically: 

  1. Strategies are simple and unsexy. You have to be comfortable enough fending off suggestions that the strategy isn’t working or delivering results. Abandoning strategies too soon mean nothing will work. 
  2. Think about your readers as either tactical or strategic readers – the tactical readers enjoy the “how-to” posts whereas the strategic readers prefer reading about frameworks. They are more likely to invest in strategies that help them think better about their work. 
  3. Good strategies can replace unreliable tactics. An example Jimmy gives in the article, is that organic is the largest and most reliable channel, but it’s not accounted for when someone puts together a content promotion plan. Creating a strategy that optimizes content for SEO, will deliver better results than posting content on sites like Reddit.

Strategic thinking will outrun tactical ideas any day.

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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