Resisting temptation – a man, a lion and a pot of honey

After a long journey to another village, a man came across a jungle to shortcut his way to the village.

After walking into the depths of the jungle for a few hours, he was taken by fear, as a roaring lion charged towards him. The man ran as fast as he could to escape.

As he was running, he ran across a terrain of leaves which covered a large well in the ground.

As he fell into this well, he grabbed onto some rope to save himself. Relieved, he went to strengthen his grip on the rope. As he did, he noticed a big snake at the bottom of the well. It looked hungry.

The man looked up and saw two mice nibbling at the rope. He knew he was in trouble.

His heart was pounding and his mind was racing as he thought how he could escape from this.

He noticed a honeycomb in front of him which had delicious honey dripping from it. He stuck his finger into the honey enjoyed its sweetness.

He didn’t notice that the lion went away, becoming preoccupied with something else. Just then, a traveller walking through the jungle saw his plight and managed to find a long branch to pull him up with.

The traveller called out to him to grab the branch so he could escape. It seemed our hero was saved.

But the man didn’t hear him. His presence was fully occupied with the honey he was consuming. He lost sight of his predicament and paid no attention to the man above.

As the traveller pleaded with the man to grab the branch, suddenly the rope the man hung onto snapped and he plunged to his death.

We become so preoccupied with distractions to the realities of our lives, that they cloud our judgement to think clearly and tackle our challenges head-on.

We must become more mindful of distractions that attempt to stray us from our goals – controlling this element of human nature, might just save our life.


Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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