Adapt or Die

I came across this quote from a newsletter that I’m subscribed to, from Eric Ries – the author of the Lean Startup. It particularly resonated with me because I’ve been thinking a lot about the pace of technological change is moving at a frenetic pace and we all need to be comfortable with adapting to a new world, while coming to terms with change being ever-constant in our lives:
“There’s a real human pattern at the core that we all should have a certain amount of empathy for. We’re all in favor of innovation in theory. But in practice, we do everything we know how to return life to whatever’s familiar and whatever’s worked for us in the past. We all need to learn to change our rate of change and embrace things that are unfamiliar.”
That’s a quote from Larry Keely, the director of Deloitte Consulting and founder of innovation agency, Doblin.
This post is a reminder that while many people preach the virtues of innovation – what isn’t discussed as much that what comes with innovation, is change. Inherently, humans are typically risk-averse to change but in order to adapt and thrive, we need to embrace the unfamiliar and accept the path less certain if we are to keep moving forward.

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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