Reading workflows

I’ve been thinking a lot about the optimal reading workflow.

For example, when is an audiobook the best medium? How can I track and organise all the articles I read on various platforms? When should I get a physical book?

M.G. Siegler posted about his reading workflow, which made me think about my own.

Personally, everything I open on Safari/Chrome on mobile will either be read while I’m commuting, or be put in Pocket and kept for a later time. I then dedicate certain days (sometimes weeks) to getting through content on Pocket, otherwise I’ll never read it again. I also use the audio function on Pocket (at 2X speed) to get through stories or non-actionable stuff. With actionable content, I try and deal with that on Pocket Web and try and ensure it’s appropriately actioned.

When it comes to books, I haven’t fully figured out the optimal process but when it comes to audio, I like listening to autobiographies (Trevor Noah, Mike Tyson, Phil Knight) and general fiction. When it comes to physical books, those are the ones I want to study and “dog flap” the pages I want to save for later reading – the Kindle is the same.

M.G. wrote about having Instapaper alongside Pocket, so this might be another experiment to try! If anyone’s got any tips or wants to share their reading workflow, I’m open to hearing!

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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