The importance of Building great teams

It’s Christmas, I should probably be in bed in lue of a very long yet eventful day ahead. I’ve also been avoiding my academic studies, but I have given myself a commitment to write one blogpost a week at the very least.

When strategising and building such grandiose plans for the long-term, it is easy to forget about one important characteristic: the “who”.

Who is your ideal candidate that you want working beside you in the technical area, or dealing with sales and marketing, and even with product design. I’m always speaking to people about a skill gap that they are on the lookout for in others, who will allow them to fulfil projects and work on exciting ideas that are guaranteed to lead to the next Facebook vitality.

Personally, I’ve found reaching out to others comprises of only one step of this process, as the person has got to want it as much as you. They have to share that desire to create remarkable things and work on exciting projects, on top of everything else they’re doing, be it academic and/or work commitments.

In Good to Great by Jim Collins, it has been noted that great CEOs don’t focus on where the bus is going firstly, but rather who is on the bus and given the right people are on the bus, are they in the right seats? This idea has resonated with me, and I’m very thankful to be in a position I’m in that with the projects I’m working on, I feel the people around me share the same beliefs, the same ethos and the willpower to do create something worthwhile. So if there is anything I’m grateful for this holiday season, it’s the opportunity to work with these people everyday.

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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