Chasing skills for Life

As the buzz around A-level and GCSE results have now subsided (relief for us “more mature” undergraduate students), it can be hard to think of learning as a source of pleasure and enrichment, rather than just a treadmill focused on achieving qualifications or improving career prospects.
Learning doesn’t begin in pre-school and finish once you leave the formal educational arena. Learning is for life. A life that should be based on the premise of quality, not just on duration.


Learning new skills is a fantastic way to be able to explore your options, achieve personal goals, explore new interests and improve your overall sense of well-being. If you are passionate about learning about wide varieties of cooking styles and engaging with different cuisines for example, you can start by enrolling in college and night classes. While this may be something you embark on for personal enjoyment, you may be able develop your interest further, by exhibiting your work, gaining a qualification, or even setting up a business.


If we focus on passion and learn what we believe drives us to wake up everyday, instead of a focus on monetary reward or what will pay the bills, we’ll most probably be happier because we’re doing something we love, and more motivated to set our goals and discover a plan that enables us to do what we love, all the time.


So don’t wait around till the end of your degree, or education or to when you get that short annual leave to start working on building up your skill-set. Basically, type whatever it is that you want to do/learn in Google, and run with it. No time like the present!


In other news, the Manchester Entrepreneurs had an article published on the Independent! A new milestone for us, and the academic year hasn’t even begun- not officially anyway.


Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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