Hong Kong and the beginnings of my trip in Australia- Sydney

Hong Kong and the beginnings of my trip in Australia- Sydney+new blog 


Before I start, most aussie-related travel shenanigans will be now documented at fahimdownunder.wordpress.com. Please follow if you love me. or remotely like me and want to find out how I’m getting on.

Having bypassed the fearsome anticipation of arriving in Australia, and entered the euphoric stage of travelling abroad, Hong Kong was the first to enter my mind before the centre part of my trip. Having arrived at the appropriate time of noon, I settled in to my budget accommodation in Kowloon, a vigorously chaotic area, mainly made up of Asians and African-Caribbean people. Before my arrival, I sought out my friends and told them about the beginning leg of my journey in HK, and they dutifully cleared their schedules (not that they abide strictly by one) for my 3-day stay, as we took to see the sights.

Hong Kong is a fantastic place; a mix between a booming financial zone that has replicated (or has been replicated by) Canary Wharf or Shanghai, and the depths of China Town and its array of peculiar cuisine and consumer pandemonium; a great place to buy cheap electric goods as well as clothes (actually, almost anything within bounds). The cuisines on offer, at least around a third off the price off any UK restaurant, was welcomed and flavoursome. Dim sum at 3 a.m. had to have been one of my most fulsome but delicious meals of the trip, as was my first adventure into the depths of seafood. A fight between a fish in a tank and a fisherman was probably the most entertaining part of that island. I have a video I’ll upload soon of this so don’t worry yourselves of the details, all in good time.

Island-hopping was also something I’m not used to and highly recommended as this gives a broader outlook on a city whilst maintaining its pristine/contemporary look. Hong Kong benefits being by the sea-front also, with a highly advantageous seaport both for its economy and for the likes of myself who enjoy the spontaneous island-hop.

I left Hong Kong with a smidgen of reluctance and an over-tiresome state, as I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would’ve gladly stayed for the odd couple of days extra.


After an uncomfortable 9 hour flight to Sydney, I reached at the inappropriate time of 9pm, so I headed for my hostel, spoke to my temporary roommates for the night and went to bed. My usual attitude to waking up early in the morning prevailed, and I slept until noon which led me to miss my 10:30am walking tour. But hey, who needs their hands held to know how to walk to the sights of a city when you have a handheld? (I didn’t really use my handheld device, I just felt like adding this in the same sentence as “hands held”).

Sydney is a great city with lots to do and the great part (for me anyway) is the fact you can walk anywhere without having to take public transport. Although, there’s plenty of other things that will be present to knock your budget from food to the sights to paying for wi-fi- transport is actually the only thing I’ve heard that is quite cost-effective! The Harbour Bridge, The Opera House and The Rocks all entertained me on my first full day here, and I look forward to see what the rest of Sydney has to offer!

One word to describe the trip up till now: Contrast.

P.S. Currently there has been lack of animals sighted, I doubt for much longer. I’ve just seen a mouse in Hyde Park as I write this, that’s a start.


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