Where’s the spark



Have you been in that position whereby you feel you have the resources and the support around you to not only unlock potential, but change the world in the process? Resources and support I have been vying for, for a long period of time, have descended on my doorstep but yet for once, I’m drawing a blank at the wrong moment?

Now this might just be down to a certain expectation placed upon an idea, but it could also be credited to a stagnant and numb mind, brutally blemished by Rawls’ Theory of Justice (It’s a very very very long political philosophy book) I say brutally, it’s not that bad.

An alternative theory may be due to a very high workload or the need for such a phenomena. This keeps the mind constantly occupied, with no room for daydreaming involved, thus inhibiting vital creative processes. Or so they slip you into believing.

The final paragraph seems more likely at the present moment, with exams biting at the nail (or the nails are being bitten at, whichever way you want to look at it, it’s a highly stressful period for those working towards end of term exams (except those on the study abroad in Hong Kong and Singapore, you know who you are).

I’m probably over-dramatisizing my own discord, it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it sound.

P.S. I’m going to start posting articles I find generally interesting to go at the end of my blogposts, most of them will be highly irrelevant to what I write out.

The Dark side of Dubai– This is a fairly long read, but is most intriguing as it details the unpublicized side of the coin when it comes to the belligerent Arab emirate on the Penninsula. From it’s dictatorial laws to its ecological destruction, this has been something I’ve been looking for. I haven’t bought into this propaganda about the opportunities across Dubai and by the somber tone expressed, this provides further evidence to the claim.


Sojo Games- Play for Good – Why can’t I think of something like this?! This company created a freshingly cool game which is called “WeTopia”;  a new social game that enables players to directly fund initiatives that improve the lives of children. Within the game, players create and manage their own villages, making a real-world donation for any virtual purchase — for example, when trees or vitamins are bought in the game, a partner charity will donate the same item to a community they work with.  Atleast 20% of its revenue or 50% of its profits go to non-profits.

That’s all for now, peace!


P.P.S: Oh, I just created another blog which may be worth looking into in the near-future 😉


Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things. fahimsachedina.com

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