I’m probably going to miss the last bus anyway…

I’m probably going to miss the last bus anyway…


Obligatory Insomnia. The worst of its kind. Innumerable things to shuffle round which require attention, none of which I actually give a shit about. Apologies to those who read this that are due something from me. Ok I can think of two things which need my attention. One of them is booking train tickets. I’ll let you think the other thing is starting/completing the activity which I’ve either been assigned by you or I’ve volunteered to do it.


While in the Owens park Cluster (For those who don’t know, it’s a PC room for all your youtube/facebook/twitter/randomarticles/work needs, that is open 23/7), I have decided that most purported “immediate” work, is not that immediate after all. By the end of this week, the work will be done or it won’t be. I’ll have to deal with the consequences either way. We’re so wrapped up in such medial activites that we mistakenly perceive these to be the end-goals in our academic life. Yes I like reading about my subject, not obligatory, abstract reading which is to take up an ample amount of time.

On another note, since I haven’t blogged in a while, I feel I should update you on some of my recent activites. But that would be like writing a diary. Screw that.

One thing which I am looking forward to in the upcoming days is the Tata Social Enterprise Conference organised by NACUE at the weekend in London (which is what I need to book my train tickets for, I know I should never leave shit like this as late as I have, I’m a student who doesn’t want my precious dollar to be spent on absurdly high train fares). I’ll write a proper blurb about it at some point next week, so look out for that. Social Enterprise has been an ascending passion of mine, a route which I’ll look to pursue outta uni, which’ll allow me to fuse a multitude of interests into a functioning model. This also deserves a separate blogpost at some point!

Well, going back to the 2nd paragraph, an essay needs to be done and the word count is currently wordless, therefore zilch. A conference at the weekend doesn’t help the situation, maybe that’s why I’m here at this obscene time pretending to be productive, when really I’ve just been watching a lot of “Otis” Remixes, as well as engaging people’s perspectives on the “My Tram Experience” ( If you haven’t watched this, type it into youtube NOW).

Well it’s highly likely I will be received on the bus with some form of incoherent fumblings from party-goers and late-night enthusiasts. Dee-lightful.

Until next time, Peace x  


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Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things. fahimsachedina.com

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