Black Students Campaign in Manchester

After a somewhat sufficiently stressful day, I found myself busy scurrying through lectures and meetings. After a 20 minute wait on the phone and £15 wasted constantly topping up, student finance has become the bane of my life. What followed on was quite the contrast.  The Black Students Campaign at Manchester University. Some of you may think what sort of affiliation I have with this organisation, but it represents so much more. It is an empowering term, one with a political and civil movement behind it, with roots from anti-racist and civil rights movements from the Black Panthers to Guerrilla forces across the land.

Whilst originally referring to people of African and Caribbean descent, the word has come to encompass both Asian and Arab people, seeing commonalities in their shared suffering. It is a voice for ethnic minorities in this downtrodden world.

Being an independent organisation is a wonderful thing, one run by politically motivated students is even better. The Campaign seeks to empower, enthuse and educate those who have felt under-represented in the social spectrum, and use our togetherness and inspiring united front to make a positive impact within the community.

Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of the great Malcolm X, will be giving talks across the U.K on his upcoming tour, which beautifully ties in with Black history Month, and the Black Students Campaign are planning to host a symbolic event which ties to all things: Black and Beautiful. The resurgency of such group is refreshing in this pessimistic world, and their attitude and vision can hopefully inspire many afar. Keep watching their space to find out more!

Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things.

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