Why is time defined the way it is? 24 hours, 60 minutes; 60 seconds. Our days are structured around a rigid timetable of morning, afternoon and evening. Why do we conform to this schedule and tacitly consent to the chronological norm (of course this question can be asked to a plethora of questions).

While being at university, time-management has been the buzzword ever since you’ve entered your university dormitory (Ok I lie, maybe after the first week). What is time-management? According to some it is managing your time in a way to make yourself the most efficient at the most productive parts of your day, whereas others believe it is simply completing tasks faster.

Being a fanatical workaholic has its ups and downs; more so the opportunity to participate in a diverse amount of events and challenging projects which are of great interest to me than using the time I have in a more leisurely way (well the right amount of leisure has proven to be more productive than carrying out a mundane task (maybe that’s why I’m writing this instead of doing some actual work!).

My theory; screw time. However you want to spend each day and minute, is time well spent. Devise your time around your life. How you eat, sleep and work should all follow a sequence or pattern which works around a suitable structure to your attitude towards your life and therefore to YOUR time.
Reading, walking, watching TV, being late, standing around at the bus stop- Love time, hate crime (It rhymed ok!).

Useful website on how sleep works: http://helpguide.org/life/sleeping


Author: Fahim Sachedina

I like technology, startups and building things. fahimsachedina.com

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